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Galbanum Essential Oil


Wild crafted Galbanum (Ferula galbaniflua) essential oil from Turkey.

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Described as green peppers or a mixed salad by aromatherapists and perfumers alike, Galbanum is a distinctly green scented oil. The resin is bitter tasting and has a little muskiness but sniff past the tenacious green undertone, and one uncovers interesting notes in compositions of Pine, Chypre, Mossy – Forest and even the odd floral such as Lavender oil. When working with Oak Moss, I include Galbanum oil to add an effervesce to the blend. Galbanum is an oil of the ages, having been mentioned in the Book of Exodus in incense making as well as the Talmud and Hebrew Bible. It was used to make Ketoret and offered in the specialized incense alter and as such considered an important part of temple service. Galbanum was said to have been included in incense by Rashi in the 12th century as a reminder of unrepentant sinners. That was one tough Medieval French Rabbi.

Suggested uses: Blends with Rosemary, Lavender, Oak Moss, Pine, Jonquil and Violet Leaf oils. Valuable addition to incense blends.



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