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Frankincense Neglecta Essential Oil


Frankincense neglecta (Black Frankincense) essential oil from Kenya.

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Frankincense neglecta has a sweet slight camphor aroma that almost leans to a floral background making it an ideal addition to a flower based blend. It is also one of my favorites to wear to yoga class because it is more of a quiet frankincense as opposed to carterii which can raise objection, something I’ve experienced but don’t personally understand. Of course, I never met a frankincense I didn’t like. It is beautiful for third eye anointing, very calming and gentle. Neglecta offers all the healing properties that frankincense has to offer – rapid wound healing due to its cell regeneration, effectively styptic and profoundly healing for acne skin and boils.

Suggested uses: blend a few drops in a carrier oil to apply to skin to assist healing or anti aging properties. Can be diffused in an essential oil diffuser to address anxiety. Use in meditation or anoint chakras as needed. Excellent addition to natural botanical perfume making.


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