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Frangipani Absolute Oil


I found it profoundly odd that no mention of Frangipani, also known as Plumeria could be found in any of my vintage perfumery books. Some of the usual suspects: Naves, Arctander, even Anonis make no mention of this romantic absolute. Thankfully, Roy Genders wrote extensively about Frangipani’s history. The flower was first brought to the attention of Europeans by botanist Mercutio Frangipani but it was the Marquis de Frangipani who put the floral on the map back in the 17th century with his frangipani perfume creation and use of perfumed gloves. It is hard to imagine a marshal of Louis X111 would be command of an army in perfumed gloves but it seem that his manhood remained intact as his perfume invention caught on with fashionable society of the era. He was clearly onto something. Charles Piesse, famous perfumer of Nice, soon followed with his ‘Esprit de Frangipani’. Like India, I consider the oil to be sacred and when added to a base oil, Frangipani truly blooms. As with all our essential oils and absolutes, we sell uncut Frangipani. One drop can change a botanical perfume making the absolute costly short-term and economical long term. When I look around online and see bargin frangipani, I know it will not be the real oil. Frangipani benefits from long storage. I have a batch of 2007 that I haven’t been able to part with and it is indeed precious, the scent offering a concentrated version of balsamic vanilla and almond notes. It grows in all climates and in particular, Jamaica, where it is known as Red Jasmine. Note to self: grow frangipani in my apothecary garden this year. The fragrant flower reminds me of a smaller version of magnolia grandiflorum which grows every here in Northern California.

Suggest use: blends well with agarwood, ylang ylang complete, Sandalwood and vetiver in a coconut oil base. Like all heavy florals, Frangipani relieves stress and calms anxiety. A few drops in our Vegan C Cream doubles the anti-aging ability of the face cream.




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