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Stainless Steel Still To Make Essential Oil Hydrosol


Stainless steel  3 liter capacity still to make hydrosols and essential oils. Created in USA.

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This still has become my constant companion. This is the still I experiment with, travel with and distill everything my soul has a notion to distill. It’s the one I use most for my Youtube content at Essential Oil Apothecary. I love this still because it made me fearless to try what seemed daunting, hard to manage and control and over my head to some extent. This is the still that allowed me to hone my distillation craft and made me the distiller I am today.


Made by high gauge, high grade stainless steel.

Stackable & interchangable design.

2 Level condenser height adjustment.

Dual cooling mechanism, adding ice cubes or circulation with pump (pump is not included).

Removable structure, easy to clean.

Heated by fire or electric. We recommend the Cuisinart single burner from Amazon or Home Depot.

In the package included:

Pot (1 pc)

Column (1 pc)

Sieve plate (1 pc)

Lid (1 pc)

U-tubing (1 pc)

Straight tubing (1 pc)

Condenser (1 pc)



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