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Cocoa CO2


Cocoa (Theobroma Cacao) CO2. This is a solid, crumbly material that is best incorporated in lotions, creams or solid perfumes.

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Cocoa CO2 might be one of the most sensual aromatic I’ve ever worked with. It’s an awkward crumble like semi solid material similar to our frankincense fortified resin but so beautiful to blend when creating solid perfumes or adding to lotions and creams to create a sensual scent. The CO2 is intense, so much so that when I first gave it the sniff test to begin evaluation, I almost coughed. It can mute out more subtle oils such as massoia bark or chrysanthemum absolute but shines when paired with a wood note such as sandalwood or Mitti Attar. It also blends well with Amyris essential oil, smoothing out any green wood notes that amyris can sometimes have unless its aged a little like ours.

Suggested use: Cocoa CO2 is a semi solid aromatic and will require gentle heat with a warm water bath. Once in a more liquid state, it can be blended with essential oils to create a solid perfume. Can also be added in small amounts to scent lotions and creams.


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