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Civet Paste Thailand


Civet (Civettictis civetta) paste sustainably sourced from our small farmer in Thailand.

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I have been on a long search for a source of Civet paste that had musk and floral notes I find in the 1963 Firmenich Civet I have in our mini essential oil museum. Not a small task. While I do offer Ethiopian Civet paste, I don’t love it, macerated, tinctured or otherwise. Its nothing personal because natural perfumery is a personal thing and I’ve already freely admitted that there are some scent profiles I had to learn to love. This Civet from Thailand is not the case. It is a soft floral musk scent that lends some incredible sweetness to perfume compositions. I’ve aged it for over a year to round out the florals and very little is needed to create a musk note in the background of any floral, ambre or spicy perfume. The farmer is paid a living wage and animals treated with a kind hand. For me, it is the Civet I smell in that 1963 bottle from Firmenich that sits beside the Hyraceum Absolute, Castoreum Paste and oil, and the Ambergris. The corner I call musk heaven.

Suggested use: Macerate in 95% organic tincture or organic carrier oil such as Jojoba oil. Use 5 or 10 parts by weight of alcohol to one part Civet. Tincture must be chilled prior to filtration and some have suggested blending Civet paste (due to the fattiness of the paste) with Orris root powder prior to beginning the maceration process. I prefer to let it sit for at least one year but up to six month is sufficient.


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