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Calamansi Essential Oil Philippines


Cold pressed Calamansi essential oil from a small producer in the Philippines.

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This green skinned fruit with the deep orange flesh took me on a deep dive over the years. I’m not much for conventional grocery stores and luckily there are many international markets in our city, including plenty of filipino stores which is how I came to discover this delicious fruit. It’s use is dominant in marinades, flavored soy sauce – Toyomansi- (something I refer to as Filipino Ponzu sauce), drinks and frozen for whatever one’s down for. Calamansi is that good. I combed nurseries over the years, grocery stores, hopeful for a tree or even fresh fruit so I could start it from seed. I never understood why this wonderful citrus tree was so unavailable because it has a rightful place with valencias and mandarins and other delicious citrus California has to offer. The flesh has the appearance of a Californian orange I picked only this morning but that is where the similarity ends. It possesses spicy kaffir lime notes and is sweet to taste. Much like a highly talented musician is a player’s player; Calamansi is the orange’s orange, so to speak. I find the fruit completely addictive in food and as a refreshing juice to drink. These experiences with its frozen and semi fresh versions were the core of my drive to land this essential oil on Californian shores. I wanted to offer it as an option in skin care applications but more so as a rare, spicy sweet top note for natural perfumers to explore.

Welcome to the Pinoy collection.

Suggested use: Calamansi essential oil is considered an all purpose oil for both skin care and house hold use in the Philippines. It’s sweet, spicy notes would be an interesting top note in perfume compositions.


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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