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Blue Cypress Essential Oil


Blue Cypress (Callitris intratropic) essential oil from our distillers in Australia.

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Blue Cypress essential oil: blue as the Azurite water I once swam in on the vanilla perfumed Veracruz coast, turquoise I’ve yet to cut, opalescent as my heart shaped Labradorite, my muse of spiritual expansion. Blue Cypress is considered a traditional oil and jewel of Australia, its scent of honeyed Juniper and smokey balsamic wood lends mysterious base notes in perfumery compositions. In the 1960s, Cypress was planted for lumber use but later abandoned after a 1974 Cyclone that proved the wood unfit for structures. The discovery of the blue essential oil in the 1990s, birthed a course of careful land sustainability practices, rotating trees every thirty years. Distillation is long, lasting over 24 hours and may account for the thick, syrup like consistency of the oil. The Tiwi People of Northern Australia people were traditional users of Blue Cypress, crushing the plant to use as a cleansing wash and placing branches on hot coals to inhale the vapors.

Blue Cypress is the heart of aromatherapy, providing anti – bacterial, anti -inflammatory and anti -allergenic support. It assists in healing dry skin with acne and provides respiratory support, the guaiazulene properties having been proven to limit histamine production.

Suggested uses: A few drops can be added to a cleanser to support healthy skin. Blends with Lavender, Australian Sandalwood, Black Pepper, Cypress, Rose Absolute, Cedarwood – both Atlas and Himalayan. Add to perfumery blends for a honeyed Juniper, balsamic base note. As most blue oils tend to oxidize, it is recommended that Blue Cypress be kept refrigerated which we do.


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