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The Filipino Series

We are so excited to be bringing our Filipino Series to the apothecary this month as our holiday treat. Ylang ylang direct from a Ylang farmer, Calamansi essential oil and Elemi resin plus essential oil and many others are coming direct from the distillery. I have long sought after essential oils such as Manilla Copal and Calamansi essential oil directly from the distiller (as we do) so when our our partner went to the Philippines, I sent him to the distilleries. I’ve worked hard to navigate some very tricky logistics to create a new and wonderful relationships with these suppliers. Many farmers do not have shipping algorithms in place outside of their country to ship these beautiful oils so it takes a lot of groundwork and the help of kind souls willing to work with me on these oil missions, particularly when I can’t be there in person. The most exciting part of this series for me is that we will no longer need to rely on a broker for these wonderful offerings making almost all of our listings broker free. This means better control and quality, deeper aromas and less time in storage. It also means that producers can experiencing a fair income from all their hard work because while I am aware that our oils are in the higher price range, not only have I continued to not take a wage after almost three years but I don’t undercut producers for their essential oils. Supporting our apothecary means you are supporting farmers and distillers, not brokers!

Stay tuned for some filipino treasures. Salamat! 🌸

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