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Sandalwood Essential Oil Australia


Sandalwood (Santalum album) essential oil from our distillation partner in Australia.

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I had to be persuaded to buy Australian album species Sandalwood essential oil. Indian Mysore Sandalwood distillation came dangerously close to disappearing from the sandalwood landscape about 20 years ago, if memory serves me. It was an anxious time for aromatherapists and perfumers alike and the thought of not being able to buy sandalwood oil again was frightening. The Indian government was having issues controlling the heartwood poaching and trees simply were not being replanted or at least replanted quick enough to satisfy need. Not that there is anything quick about growing sandalwood – it needs 30 years growth before it can be considered for distillation. I sold sandalwood spicatum (nice but not the same) but I closed my doors to selling sandalwood album until I knew there was a future with sandalwood oil in it. Turns out, Australia was thinking ahead with their ability to effectively regulate plus a climate suitable for the santalum album species. I was resistant but after hard convincing from a private distiller in the land down under a few years ago, I rolled the dice and bought a liter to try. They did good. This sandalwood is very buttery, thick and sustainably grown and regulated. It has been deemed pharmaceutical grade just as were the Midy capsules of decades ago. It is a spectacular oil and not only am I relieved that sandalwood has been saved by this hero of a country but I am at peace that we have plan B for sandalwood.

Suggested uses: Blends well with rose, tuberose, lavender, violet leaf and bergamot. Sandalwood is an excellent fixative in woody, oriental, chypres, fougeres and any delicate florals.


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