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Wildcrafted California Sugar Soft Pine Resin


Soft Sugar Pine resin is falling from blue Sacramento skies like a healing gift from the heavens and I am grateful. It’s full on spring and every day is a forage against time, collecting soft resin and pine pollen. I have only days left on the pollen and maybe a few more weeks on the soft resin or at least before the heat starts to contend with my Irish skin. I’m an unusual wildcrafter; I eat what I collect, checking raw material and making sure this resin, a favorite of the naturalist John Muir, is of the standard needed for a good quality tree medicine. I collect carefully using latex gloves, making sure to not harm any trees and stored in glass jars until ordered. I collect our resin in a remote area. Seals like glue (ask my teeth) and can be incorporated into healing creams, balms.

12 ounces of California Sugar Pine resin will arrive as I harvested it fresh off the tree. Every package of Sugar Pine Resin will have the harvest date and an extra an ounce or two extra to accommodate any tiny pieces of bark that might have been inside the resin.
Suggested use: Incorporate into healing balms, creams, mustache wax, as a torch, as a sealant, smudges or incense.

California Sugar Pine Resin is packaged in fully compostable bags made of Eucalyptus biomass.




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