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Vetiver 2016 Premium Essential Oil Aged


We have a long history with both selling and working with Vetiver in blends but our favorite application is age. We buy a few kilos every year or so to age it out and bring the earthy, wood notes forward. Vetiver is from the grass family and is one of the best remedies for soil erosion. I hope to grow it in our apothecary for future distillations and use the roots to make a tonic drink.

Vetiver, being a grass, is a little bit of a world traveler. It grows the world over and is known by several names: Khus-Khus (Europe and India), Faek (Thailand), Kusu kusu (Malaysia), Vetiver (France)Larasetu (Java), Akar wangi (Indonesia) and of course Vetiver (Haiti). The oil is dependent on soil, quality of distillation and time of harvesting. I‚ve worked with Javanese, Indonesia, Indian and Haitian oils and its the Haitian Vetiver we favor for aromatherapeutic use and in light of all the struggles Haiti has faced, offers a means to economic growth. The oil is a dark, earthy amber with a smoke finish and doesn’t confront the nose as some basse notes can. Well distilled Vetiver acts as a restorative to the endocrine system. It’s worth mentioning that while we do age Vetiver to bring certain base notes forward, we start with an already a superb essential oil and find there isn’t a lot of shift to the scent, unlike Patchouli which we age to mellow the green, grassy notes. We have 2007, 2016 and 2019 aged Vetiver oil.

Suggested uses: Blends with Angelica Root, Myrrh, Cedarwood, and fraternal twin, Patchouli. Scotch Pine and Geranium are also recommended additions to a blend.

Packaged in tamper proof glass bottles.




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