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Strawberry C Serum


Strawberry C Serum is a product I wanted to make that would complement our Vegan C skin care line. Any time I can get both hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in anything, I’m for it. I love how Hyaluronic acid is a master of making skin look juicy, whether that skin is 25 or 65. Vitamin C is also masterful in erasing fine lines and getting a glow on. HA and Vitamin C together in skin care is, as far as I’m concerned, the holy grail of anti aging formulas. I formulated this holy grail in a base of our organic cold pressed Strawberry Seed Oil. Get your glow on with our organic fragrance free Strawberry C Serum.

Suggested uses: After washing face, apply at night as a repair serum.

Packaged in 1 oz/30ml tamper proof glass bottle. Bottle is refillable.

1oz/30ml is typically a 30 day supply.




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