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Sandalwood Revitalizing Body Wash


Sandalwood Revitalizing Body Wash is a little bit of an alter ego of its other self. My mother was buying a thickening shampoo at a cost that might be considered groceries for a week so I asked if she wouldn’t mind supporting a indy business instead and give me a few weeks to come up with something comperable. I formulated Silky Sandalwood Thickening Shampoo which is pretty effective and very close to the original product. It seemed only natural that I make a Sandalwood body wash too.

I love making body washes and every time I make a batch, I try to perfect the blend or add yet another ingredient to make it more luscious and rich without changing the main formula. Sandalwood Revitalizing Body Wash was a lot of fun to make. I wanted to see how many species of Sandalwood essential oils I could squeeze into the body wash. I also had the challenge of making it revitalizing – that is, figuring out an essential oil that would lift the Sandalwood oils. I blended our 2014 African Sandalwood, Amyris 2010, Australian Sandalwood Album 2017 and yes, Sandalwood, East Indian made it in the blend too. To revitalize the wash, I added a little of our fourth generation Organic Peppermint Essential Oil. Enough to lift the sandalwood but not enough to take over the main event. It feels good on the skin like the other washes I make and it feels decedent like sandalwood. I hope you like it.

8 oz of Sandalwood Soap in this concentrated, healing body wash.

Suggested uses: Apply a little in hand and add water for lots of lather. Can be used as a face wash as well as a full body wash.




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