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Saffron Absolute Oil


Saffron Absolute oil from India.

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If there was ever an aromatic that smelled exactly like its source, saffron would be it. The flower is etched into my aromatic stained mind because as a kid in the Canadian prairies, crocus sativa was one of the few wild flowers that grew everywhere in the spring under lilac bushes. I didn’t know how to distill in those days but would stuff my pillowcase with both and sleep on them until they became dried and crunchy. Saffron is a powdery floral and really comes alive in an agarwood base, adding not only the powder but a buttery leather note. The absolute is a bright orange and when thinking of a chakra meaning, the deep orange color is sacral, the center of emotion, desire and pleasure.

Suggest use: blends well with agarwood, Ambrette seed, jasmine, sandalwood and cardamom.


0.5ml, 1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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