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Pear Seed Carrier Oil


Pear Seed Carrier Oil.


Pear Seed Carrier Oil is a newer carrier oil for us but is one we fell in love with virtually overnight. Pear Seed carrier oil passes the picky skin test, absorbing quickly and leaving the skin silky and hydrated without irritation or pore clogging. Pear is ideal in summer when a moisturizer is needed without the heaviness of a typical carrier oil such as almond. Its almost waxy feel on the skin brings to mind a good jojoba and is revealing itself to have similar attributes with not only skin but hair care as well. There is no scent (although I secretly wish the pear seeds had given off a little fruitiness) but I feel like we found a very good jojoba substitute when organic Jojoba oil is not available.

Suggested Uses: a few drops applied to skin as an excellent, light night serum or under makeup. Perfect light carrier oil for summer. Blend with nutritive ingredients as a DIY Face Serum.

This 1oz/30ml carrier oil is typically a 30 day supply.

The carrier oil packaging has glass inserts that can be refilled once empty to reuse and minimize waste.

Our carrier oils are stored into dedicated refrigeration until ready to be shipped, ensuring maximum freshness.


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