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Passionfruit Seed Carrier Oil


 Virgin cold pressed organic Passion Fruit Seed carrier oil  from Peru.


Three seasons passed this year before I was able to pick Passion flowers. Smoke has become a relentless curtain blended with extreme heat and particles from burned homes and memories. A new marker for life in California. Even my Frangipani was not having it this year. In earlier years, I would find spring and late summer blossoms, the sparse green vines weaving and clinging to the nearby big Oaks holding flower heads heavy with the royalness of Purple Rain. I knew Passion flower by other names, another life time ago in Peru. A handful of Spanish words thanks to nightly study of a translation dictionary, was enough to go to the farmers market but not enough to understand that Granadilla and Maracuja were the same fruit. I lived in Lima, where life was simple and had some of the most memorable food I’ve encountered in any of the countries I’ve lived in. I learned to eat French fries with yellow mustard and ceviche with Pisco Sour. Passion flowers grew on the roof top where I lived and would blossom several times a year in the clean Peruvian air. The flowers would give way to wrinkled, hard shells waiting to reveal tangy fruit and seeds, a taste I vaguely recalled in 1970s tang. I loved the smell of the fruit, crunch of seeds and the ritual of making fresh juice because I swear I was drinking the Peruvian sun.

Passionfruit seed oil is an exceptional carrier oil. It is high in Vitamin C, addressing sun damage with its high antioxidant properties. The oil is rich in omega 6 essential fatty acids, easing insufferably dry skin and is ideal for use on mature skin. It is a light oil and one I lean on often during hot, sticky summers when the sun is most unforgiving.

Suggested Uses: A few drops can be applied under make up or as a night serum. This 1oz/30ml carrier oil is typically a 30 day supply.

Our packaging has glass inserts that can be refilled once empty to reuse and minimize waste.

Our carrier oils are stored into dedicated refridgeration until ready to be shipped, ensuring maximum freshness.


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