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Organic Saffron Vegan Face Cream


We’re pretty excited to add Saffron Vegan C Face Cream to our skincare collection. Once I had my Vegan formula worked out as a stable, solid performer, I realized it opened up options to add some hard working aromatics. Rose, Tuberose and Saffron have always been solid performers in skincare and Saffron Face Cream was a product I very much wanted to create and add to our line. My original concept was to formulate a Saffron skin toner, blending Rose Hydrosol with Saffron and a few other potent antioxidants but I realized the Saffron potency was in adding it to a lipid ingredient where the bioactives can remain on the skin longer. Saffron is loaded with two powerful carotenoids: croci and crocetin, both antioxidants that can help skin recover from daily oxidative, sun and environmental damage. I find it calming on my own overly sensitive skin and have experienced a marked improvement in the appearance of scars. Saffron contains naturally occurring Vitamin C, an antioxidant I can’t live without adding to my skin formulas. The cream has a nice, light yellow color – like a golden jar of luxury waiting to glow up skin. The Saffron Face Cream smells as our Saffron Absolute does: Sweet and musky. Saffron is the stigma from the crocus flower and is part of the Iris family and like Irises, extract very low yields. It’s why both absolutes are so expensive. I love the delicate purple flower. It was the first sign of spring after a very long and cold Albertan winter. I would smear the flower over my face and hands, oblivious to the expense or the golden stain that remained. I kind of miss that freedom.

Organic Coconut oil
Vitamin C in Glycerine
Saffron Absolute
Hyaluronic Acid
Emulsifying Wax
Aloe Vera
Willow Bark
Raspberry Fruit Extract
Vitamin E sunflower Derived
Organic Rosehip Oil
Organic Neem Oil

Suggested uses: Apply gently to skin and mist with a quality authentic hydrosol such as our Greek Rose Hydrosol. Repeated use

Packaged in 50 ml /1.7 ounce glass jar.




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