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Organic Cold Pressed Apple Seed Oil


We’re not really in the carrier oil business per se but when we find ourselves using one repeatedly, as we have with Apple Seed Oil, particularly during the the last few weeks of a heatwave here in California, well , it just selfish not to offer this great oil. It’s a new frontier with carrier oils and long gone are the days when our choices were coconut, almond, jojoba and perhaps one or two other others. Now, as much as we try to remain current with new carrier oils, there is always another one on the horizon. I have an oil press that I use for my own sesame seed or sunflower seed oil and others that I get curious about producing. It really is exciting in the lipid oil world these days.

Apple Seed oil is a collagen building skin hero, softening skin and imparting a youthful firmness. The oil posesses natural UV filtration qualities which, along with the lightness of the oil is a perfect combo in summer heat. It was the only oil my poor skin could tolerate when California became engulfed in smoke from fires. Apple Seed oil supports a whole other industry of personal care: it hydrates dry hair and doesn’t weigh down curls. Adds a little shine too. The oil helps hydrate a dry scalp and rebalances it which in turn helps to address dandruff. Considering Apple Seed oil is from the Rosaceae family, it’s not surprising the oil is so versatile.

Suggested Uses: a few drops applied to skin as an excellent, light night serum or under makeup. Perfect light carrier oil for summer – particularly in high heat. Blend with nutritive ingredients as a DIY Face Serum. Work a few drops into hair to hydrate curls or manage static.

This 1oz/30ml carrier oil is typically a 30 day supply.

The carrier oil packaging has glass inserts that can be refilled once empty to reuse and minimize waste.

Our carrier oils are stored into dedicated refrigeration until ready to be shipped, ensuring maximum freshness.




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