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Learn To Distill Plants


Learn to distill with Cher at The Bird Ranch at San Luis Creek, California.

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I am very pleased to partner with The Bird Ranch for a very special event. Learn to distill with me!

After a few hundred distillations under my belt, I’m excited to share my expertise in how to sustainably forage for plants and distill for a multi purpose hydrosol.

In this event, we will forage for plants, talk about the many uses for hydrosols, sample previously distilled hydrosols to experience various plant and flower scent profiles, the distillation process, bottling and how to enjoy beverages from our creations. All participants will go home with their own hydrosol distillation. Perfect for gift giving or to enjoy for personal use.

We will be providing delicious vegan dishes and deserts to enjoy while we are distilling our plant material.

Space is limited so don’t hesitate! Sign up today to experience a little alchemy, some still magic and a whole lot of fun.


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