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Frankincense Natural Body Wash


Organic Frankincense Revitalizing Body Wash.


Frankincense Revitalizing Body Wash has become our best selling body wash thanks to stellar ingredients such as our potent, Full Spectrum Frankincense, Manuka honey, Provitamin B, organic Castor oil, Aloe Vera and certified organic Hydrosols. Our Frankincense Body Wash soap base was formally made with Coconut oil but in our never ending quest to source home grown materials, we decided the time was right to move on and begin working with American grown certified organic Sunflower oil. It costs a little more but the benefits outweighs the price through more local sourcing, lower carbon footprint, better renewability and finally – tree and native plant projects in place to help fight climate change.

We do not use any water in our formula, instead adding a little certified organic hydrosols to add skin softening benefits. We infuse each batch of Frankincense Revitalizing Body Wash with Boswellia acid, the healing heavy hitting constituent that makes up the healing component of Frankincense essential oil. We also include our Dragon’s Blood resin extract to the wash which takes the sunshine color out of the wash but is an incredible skin healing addition that I always felt should be in the formula. Our wash reduces itching, redness and bug bites and doesn’t hurt that it is nice cup of wake up in a morning shower, thanks to a few drops of our 4th Generation Peppermint essential oil.

We are pretty hard lined about our glass packaging but after several attempts at finding safe glass for the shower, we finally had to settle on BPA free recyclable plastic for the body wash. We tried.

8 oz of heavenly Frankincense scented and concentrated, healing body wash.

Suggested uses: Apply a little in hand and add water for lots of lather. Can be used as a face wash as well as a full body wash.


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