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Cold Pressed Blueberry Seed Carrier Oil


Blueberry Seed Oil came under my radar some time ago as both a potential UV protectant and another vitamin E oil option for skin care. One of the concerns I had moving from Canada to California was the amount of sun I would suddenly be exposed to plus potential sun damage, which I was looking to avoid. Like other members of the squalene family, Blueberry Seed oil answers that concern. Blueberry was an exciting find as far as I was concerned. I’ve had an oil press for a few years, making oil out of anything I could think of pressing. Being a blueberry fanatic, I wanted to make my own blueberry seed oil but discovered the seed supply was impossible to find. Glad someone else figured that out. Blueberry Seed Oil is very light making it an ideal daytime moisturizer under makeup or in summer when summer heats but heavy oils can clog skin. Because of the high Vitamin E content and range (tocotrienols and tocopherols), the oil is beneficial for healing acne, boils and does not irritate large pores. We have found it adds a nice shine in hair and helps smooth the curls too.

Suggested Uses: a few drops applied to skin as an excellent, light night serum or under makeup. Perfect light carrier oil for summer. Blend with nutritive ingredients as a DIY Face Serum. Work a few drops into hair to hydrate curls or manage static.

This 1oz/30ml carrier oil is typically a 30 day supply.

The carrier oil packaging has glass inserts that can be refilled once empty to reuse and minimize waste.

Our carrier oils are stored into dedicated refrigeration until ready to be shipped, ensuring maximum freshness.




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