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Civet Paste Ethiopia


Civet Paste (Civettictis civetta) from Ethiopia.

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I have spent a lot of time contemplating the whole animal extract dilemma: which extract to offer and what is the most effective fixative to bring musk notes to perfumery compositions. Small farmed Civet paste was what I decided to add in our animalic concentrates along with aged Castoreum. Double or nothing as I like to say.

Our Ethiopian paste is soft, thick and has some of those camphor notes typically experienced from Civet of this origin. It is well suited to tincturing and oil maceration for perfumery applications which also helps diminish the camphor notes. Civet adds musk notes and provides excellent fixative qualities, features so sought after in perfumery. Arctander stated that Civet ranks as among the 20 most important raw perfumery extracts. It is an important element when creating scent with rich tenacity.

Suggested use: Macerate in 95% organic tincture or organic carrier oil such as Jojoba oil. Use 5 or 10 parts by weight of alcohol to one part Civet. Tincture must be chilled prior to filtration and some have suggested blending Civet paste (due to the fattiness of the paste) with Orris root powder prior to beginning the maceration process. I prefer to let it sit for at least one year but up to six month is sufficient.


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