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Canadian Spruce Revitalizing Body Wash


When I first started making Canadian Spruce years ago, I wanted to make a body wash that would parrot a woody, evergreen natural perfume I made and called The Carmanah. For those who know West Coast Canada are familiar with The Carmanah Walbran, a beautiful park on Vancouver Island. And those who have walked in the Carmanah, know the smells and the feel of a forest full of big trees and moss and all the accoutrements that a protected ancient forest offers the senses. I spare no expense in this formula: it is a concentrated, skin softening body wash that, like our best seller Frankincense Revitalizing Body Wash, has no water in the formula but organic hydrosol. In our Canadian Spruce Revitalizing Body Wash, we use sandalwood Hydrosol. The spruce essential oil comes from British Columbia and we now use colloidal silver as a preservative in all our products. This wash, as our testers claim, is literally like a walk in the forest. As was my very goal.

8 oz of Canadian Spruce in this concentrated, healing body wash.

Suggested uses: Apply a little in hand and add water for lots of lather. Can be used as a face wash as well as a full body wash.

Packaged in 8 oz tamper proof bottles.




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