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Aroma Summit 2022

Aroma Summit 2022

Please join us at the Aroma Summit April 29 – May 1, 2022 to hear some great talks on the subject of aromatherapy. I’m honored to be one of the speakers and will give a talk about the connect (and disconnect) between essential oils and their botanical origins. 

Purchase a 🌸VIP All Access Pass here🌺for a chance to win raffle prizes and other access goodies including live Q & A with ME! I’ll answer any question you may have about essential oils, distillation, how to properly source essential oils or any other questions regarding aromatherapy.

There will be lots of great raffle prizes and our contribution to the list of raffle prizes is custom distillations of aromatics from our local area here in Northern California:

  • California Sugar Pine  
  • Cistus Flowers 
  • Certified Organic Strawberries
  • Geranium Flowers From Our Apothecary Garden
  • Blue Spruce
  • Bitter Orange Leaf

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I look forward to your support and can’t wait to meet you at the live Q&A!⚗️🌲